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speak your truth – race at work

re the top things you “shouldn’t” talk about at work?  I’m sure if you started creating a list “race” would come up fairly quickly.  Why is it taboo and often dangerous to talk about at work?  Because “race ‘shouldn’t’ … Continue reading

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What Part of Me Don’t You Like?

ntly had a conversation with a friend and colleague in the Organization Development field about bias and discrimination I’ve experienced as a female.  As I began to give examples of times when I have felt discriminated against, I realized … Continue reading

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The Help

ler Alert I recently saw The Help and really enjoyed it.  I never read the book, so I was entering into the movie fairly blind.  As I was watching the movie I began thinking about how the movie so eloquently … Continue reading

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Are Introverts or Extraverts more successful?

cess” has a very personal measure. One person’s measure of success may be monetary, while another’s is doing something they love.  However, it is important to know and be aware of your personality type. There are tools that can aid … Continue reading

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Playing “The Game”

you play the game as a black woman in the workplace?  First, you must identify what the game is—every career has a different game.  Are you competing with the white men or women on your team?  Is your … Continue reading

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What’s Your Personal Brand?

oman in today’s workforce, my personal brand is what drives me and is the first thing people think about me.  My personal brand encompasses everything about me from my personality, the way I work, think, even down to … Continue reading

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