Make A Difference

As my first post during the Lenten Season, I want to focus on almsgiving (defined as “making voluntary contributions to aid others”).  In the Catholic church, almsgiving is an important part of lent and is something that should be focused on throughout the year.

The same way that we are focusing on our goals, it’s important to find ways to give back. My mother and father in-law gave me a bracelet for my 30th Birthday from an organization called “Good Work(s) – Make A Difference“.  This organization’s mission is simply to spread acts of kindness, and the bracelet has beautiful sayings that remind me every time I wear it to focus on almsgiving.  Sometimes small gestures of kindess can make a big difference in someone’s day, week or year!

I want to share the words on my bracelet, so you can pull these words whenever you have a choice to walk away or do a small act of kindess.

Plant Peace, Live In Unity, FREEDOM, Be Aware, Dream, Hope, LOVE, Make A Difference, Believe, ACCEPT DIVERSITY, Courage, Come Together

Happy Lenten Season…May Peace Be With You Always!

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