Living your Destiny!

“What happened happened, and couldn’t have happened any other way” – Morpheus (The Matrix Reloaded)

We each have a unique talent (that’s innate) – we may work over time to perfect it but it’s been with us since the time we were born. I see this talent as part of all of our destinies, the challenge is recognizing and living it.

I started this blog post with a quote that for me, is all about destiny. I believe my destiny is aligned to God’s journey for my life. God gave us the ability to make choices, so although I have the ability to choose my path – all my experiences are to prepare me for my greater journey/destiny.

Gabby Douglas, 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist - Gymnastic Team and All-Around

6 by 30 is all about reaching your ultimate potential, which is why I want to highlight Gabby Douglas – she is a role model for women at all ages and in all careers. She recognized her innate talent at a young age and had determination to reach her ultimate potential (winning Olympic gold in the team and all-around gymnastics competitions). Not only did she recognize this talent but she seized the opportunities that God presented to move down a path to reach her ultimate potential. It wasn’t necessarily a path that was ideal, she left home at age 14 to train in Iowa and stay with a host family. But she had faith that her choice would lead her to her ultimate destination. It required hard work, tough days and perseverance but this stage of her life is part of her ultimate destiny.

Have you taken time out to recognize your unique talent? Are you making choices so that you are living that talent? Just think of the collective power, if all women were able to express and live their unique talent each and everyday!

No matter what path you choose in your life, and what obstacles, dead ends or triumphs you encounter, remember “what happened happened, and couldn’t have happened any other way” because if it had – it wouldn’t be your life’s journey!

Enjoy living your destiny each and everyday – and pay it forward to another young woman!

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2 Responses to Living your Destiny!

  1. Crystal Wilson says:

    Oh my gosh this blog spoke directly to me! I found my passion around the age of 30, which apparently was the right time for me. I went through life’s journey which definitely help to shape my thoughts around it but now I do something that I LOVE to do. Even though it’s not my full time job it allows me to have a happy medium and creates balance in my life. Who know’s what God has in store for me next, but I can’t wait to find out!

  2. P. Mc. says:

    Congratulations Goes Out To Gabby! Tiffany, I know that many people have told you that Gabby Douglas remind them of you. Well….that is true.

    Gabby did not allow anything to block her dream/destiny. She was determined to succeed at such an early age. She have a close relationship with God and family and is not afraid to let the world know. Her faith in God and supportive family has kept her focused to accomplish her dream/destiny. What an accomplishment! The First African American to receive the “All Around Individual Gold Metal In Gymnastic 2012.”

    I am so proud of Gabby because she stayed focused on God and did not allow her difficult days to become greater than her good days. She stayed on her journey to success and was blessed.

    Many women today, are on a journey towards their dreams/destinies. We must be determined and not allow anything to block our way. Like Gabby, we too must kept the faith in God, stay focused and be determined to succeed.

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