Black History Month

Every year when February roles around it amazes me the lack of acknowledgement given to black history month. In my opinion, the role black history has played in the creation of the U.S. as we know it today should be acknowledged and represented all the time, but especially celebrated during the “shortest” month (that’s another conversation) of the year. It boogles my mind the number of organizations I have seen and been a part of that barely recognize black history month. Simply acknowledging these differences and contributions is such an integral part of creating a diverse and inclusive organizational culture.

Black History Month reminds me to always “keep my eye on the prize”. For me, its important not to fall in line with others but to always strive for my goals and aspirtations. I learned very soon after working in corporate america that company’s will work me to death if I allow them. It is critical as black women that we make our mark on the world. Thinking beyond “making money” but creating our legacy, whether that is raising our children, helping create a just and fair society, eliminating poverty and hunger, educating women or enhancing developing countries.

It is our responsibility to create a legacy as the next generation of black women leaders around the world. Black History should and WILL be celebrated everyday of the year. You can contribute to building this new reality by following your dream and making it come true!

Amazing Women in Black History

Happy Black History Month!

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  1. Sarah says:

    You are Amazing! You will continue to inspire and help others celebrate their aspirations and accomplishments.

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