Are People Intimidated By Me?

I am passionate about my work and find it important to express that passion when working with my clients. I recently had an interaction with a client where I felt very strongly that the client was not setting up their team for success. As an Organization Development consultant this is the nature of my work, I work at the system, team and individual level to support development, increase performance, and build more cohesive and effective teams. I struggle a lot on when to be passive and when to be aggressive. This is a challenge because I am very aware how I show up as a young, woman of color. Being aggressive at work as a female, tends to get you the “bitch” label. Can you be really successful if you aren’t aggressive? Can nice girls really get the corner office?

Strong Black WOman

I pride myself on being a “logical” and strategic thinker. I expect my logic and sense of understanding the current situation to give me the insight into my interactions. I do believe it can be detrimental as a female, especially a female of color to be seen as “too” aggressive. For me, there is a delicate balance between expressing my passion, beliefs and values while not hindering my career development.

The question becomes as a woman of color can you be vocal about your passions and opinions and still get the corner office? Thoughts?

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5 Responses to Are People Intimidated By Me?

  1. Crystal Wilson says:

    I completely agree that you can get the corner office while being vocal about your passions and opinions but you do have to pick and choose your battles. I am a believer that it is all in how you deliver your thoughts and opinions more than what you are actually stating. You can deliver some of the worst news in a way that an individual can receive it and accept it. Delivery is key!

  2. Tissa says:

    I agree with Crystal, it depends on how you deliver your views. You have to find the best way to get to your audience. Also, does “corner office” equal success? Does that mean the battle has been won?

    • Tissa says:

      By the way, I like the blog.

    • Blog Author says:

      Great point Tissa! Defining success is such a personal process and as I think of my definition, I start to wonder does “success” mean the battle is won? Here are my thoughts: I personally don’t think so. In my opinion, the battle is not won until we as black women continue to mentor, coach and develop each other. Sometimes there is a point on the “career ladder” where black women forget to support the woman behind them on their journey. For me “success” is not about my success, but creating a new reality where it’s “normal” for black women to have the “corner office” or any other position they strive to achieve.

      Thank you for your thoughtful questions! What do others think?

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