The Help

 Spoiler Alert

I recently saw The Help and really enjoyed it.  I never read the book, so I was entering into the movie fairly blind.  As I was watching the movie I began thinking about how the movie so eloquently speaks to my vision for starting this blog.  The Help is about a group of black maids that are just trying to make it in a world that doesn’t see them as equal or adding value.  These maids spend their days cooking, cleaning and taking care of other women’s children.  They are disrespected, devalued, ridiculed and humiliated.

The main character, Aibileen Clark, is presented with an opportunity to make a change in a small but impactful way by putting her imprint on the civil rights movement.  Her voice needed to be heard, and she needed a little push to take the risk.  The risk is not only for her but for all the women that witnessed her stepping outside of her comfort zone to move closer to her purpose in life.  One by one others come to join her in this endeavor; they begin to share their stories and teach other black women that their voice and their story can make a difference.

These women not only tell stories about their lives as maids, but they recognize the power of sharing their stories.  The experience of sharing is what attracts more women to step outside of their comfort zones.  The keys to storytelling are the 5 W’s and an H:  who, what, where, when, why and how.  (I’m sure many of you remember this from primary school.)  If these six things are clearly addressed it allows the reader the opportunity to really learn from the story.

Storytelling is what 6by30 is all about. The topics are meant to spur conversation for you, the reader, so you can share your own stories and provide advice.  This is how we inspire each other.  When is the last time you told your story?  If you’re thinking, “What story?”  I’m talking about the story that is pivotal to understanding how you became who you are today.  Remember, when I talked about The Johari Window?  Is this story in your “hidden” window, something that only you know about.  If so, have you thought of how powerful it would be for you to share?

Follow in Aibileen’s footsteps and share your story by commenting!

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